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Love this app


With all the new updates and unneeded features, app crashes constantly and doesnt pick up mic properly


this app just keeps on crashing!!!

App keeps crashing!!

Please fix this bug!


I want to share my video and every time it gets to 30% it CRASHES.

The app

I think that the app is awesome! I can listen to all these amazing singers and I also can make them myself!


EVERYTIME I try to make an Acapella, it always crashes and I can never make one.


I dont know who to follow I wish there was a leader board for the top most followed and AHHH IT WONT LET MY SIGN BACK IN

One of my favourite apps of all time!!!!

I love this app and cant get enough of it! I wish it didnt use up so much of my phone battery but otherwise the Acapella is the best app ever!

Does what it should

Does what you want it to. Now we can all be Jacob Collier! (If were good enough.)


Is very glitchy and too much like a SoCal media site

Great app!

Really fun app!

Way Too Much Fun!!!!

Cool app!!! Who knew singing acapella could be this entertaining and intimidation-free?!!!!

My thoughts?

So far so cool!

Good app but...

Really awesome at first but I cant share it or save it so I cant make more then one if I want to make another one I have to delete the one I made but over all a pretty good app


Es muy buena la app gracias gracias gracias!!!!!is the best!! number one


I like it but it is only up to a minute and puts the acapella thing on all of your vids

Very useful!

I sing barbershop styled music so this app is super fun for singing tags and songs!

The easiest acapella app yet.

Its a bit hard at first, but the way this app puts everything together increases your learning curve significantly. Its also very fun to use!

Deleting account

How do I delete my account? No explanation?

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