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Not fair

My iPod smashed, including smashing the screen, so I switched to my iPhone 5. But now that Im on it, I cannot use it because it requires IOS 8.0.0 or later. You should make a version for iOS 7 so people like me can play, because otherwise I cannot use this app ever again. And I really want to. Until you fix it, 1 star :)

Çok iyi


Uploading problem

I cant save any videos or share, its stucking at uploading part


Adding 2 videos and app was crashed by iPhone 4s.

Awesome app

This app is great I love it

Its hard but freaking amazing!!

Boy do I have a blast using this app. I can now do things that Ive always wanted to do. Whether it be multiple beat boxing sounds blended together making an ultimate beat or making all the sounds of my favorite songs with my mouth and it sounding amazing and just like the real song! But that is much easier said than done.

Youre killing me, guys

Ok so Ive sent emails requesting a few things that still arent here and this app is certainly hurting because of it. I rarely use it due to these issues- you can finally request a collaboration but only on existing posts? And then I cant even private message the person to discuss what parts Ill be adding? And what if I like someones voice and want to do a new video instead of their existing post? Add private messaging and comments for videos. Seriously. YouTube offers video comments. Seriously guys, lets add those features and watch the apps popularity soar. Can we do that please?

Please help

I havent had the opportunity to "enjoy" the app because it would not allow me to play an entire video. Videos I choose would play for a second or two then stop.. I tried deleting the app and reloading and still the same problem.

Love the app!! But....

I sent the following review last version, and this update did not fix anything... "Ok so this is by far the best a Capella app there is out there, no doubt about that. But every once in a while it randomly crashes. And also, sometimes for one or two of the little frame thingies in my video, in the middle of playback, the video slows down. Like the sound is perfectly fine, but the video is way off and it doesnt look like Im actually singing that part. This happens in almost all my videos. The crash problem can usually be fixed by turning my device off and on again, but I cant fix the video problem. PLEASE fix the video slow down problem, it annoys me so much!!! But I am IN LOVE with this app, like legit, this app is my boyfriend ;) XD"


I love it! Definitely get this if youre the type who constantly sings harmonies to the radio, as I do.

Please fix...

I love this app, dont get me wrong, but it wont work with my Bluetooth headset. Any of them, actually. I only use those and its disappointing that I cannot use them.

Love but wish it was compatible with my Mac computer, too!!

This app is so much fun! I just wish that it was also compatible with my Mac computer as well I can use it on my iPad in my phone but not my Mac desktop computer. That would be my wish list for this app!


u ruined my life STUPID APP! XD I hope that this app accidentally falls in a black hole! I cant believe that peppa pig is a human!


So I attempted to create my first video on Acapella and the sound quality was terrible. And when I tried to share the video, it rendered to 18% and then crashed about ten times in a row, despite me restarting my phone.

Really fun

Very creative and well made! Im obsessed with making these!

Great app

Works smoothly and no complications

Really Bad Issues

Even after numerous updates of supposed "Bug fixes" I have yet to be able to use this app at all. Ill make a video, no problems with recording or anything like that, but then once I finish, the app crashes every time I try to play it and listen to it or edit the audio (how loud each video is and the left and right thing) it just crashes. I tried uploading it and saving it to camera role, but all I get is a video with no sound except for the first 2 seconds. This is a serious problem and very irritating. I really liked this app when it functions properly so please fix this...

Needs work

I admit it, I love the app, but I have just a few problems with it. when I put the stay on beat music, it takes me out of the app completely. This app has a few glitches that need to be resolved.


OK. I love this app. Literally the only thing that I wish it had to date that it doesnt is customizable frames. It would be awesome to be able to do. I use the app by myself and typically use one or two frames and Id like to be able to just the second frame into a corner piece if thats what I feel would work aesthetically.


Every time I start finish recording a new section, the app shuts down, and when I go back onto the app, it doesnt have the section I just recorded.

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