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Doesnt work anymore

When I make an a Capella on an IOS 9.1 on IPad Mini, it never works. Once you click a box and record, there is no way of going back. The "X" button on the red button never does what it should. It does absolutely nothing. The "X" at the top left corner does nothing too. The timer never even starts when you press the red button, nor it even records. It used to work before, but the a Capellas never downloaded. Please fix!

Great app

Definitely like this app. It helps that others are goofy on it so you dont feel so judged using it

Good, but..

It works great, but after I record, it flips the recording and I dont like it.. I think thatll be easy to fix, and Ill rate 5 stars once that option is added.

Im addicted!

Honestly, SO MUCH FUN!!!


I love this app and the layouts and all but when i record after i put it in the "box" the image stays there i dont see the video my face isnt moving...

Doesnt work

This update doesnt work. Whenever I go to record it just freezes.


Omg I luv this app its sooo fun and besides singing it has other uses too like creating duplicates of yourself

It is So So...

A little to "difficult" for me. I could never get a 100% perfect video. I thought it would give you tips and stuff.

Pretty good...

Its quick and easy to use, but it takes too long to export your acappella piece... Also, if you get it for free, you can only record up to one minute q-q


The first thing I did was make undertake:the musical from random encounters cause I love it

Great app.

Awesome app. Just wish I could text different times for each video.

Great app

Works well. Could be nice if you could work 2 differents project at the same time.

I LOVE IT!! But.....

I love this app so much!! Itd be nice if you could use other music apps, like google play, songza, and a few others than just using Apple Music. AND IT KEEPS ON CRASHING. I never get to finish a project cause it always crashes

love it

it was working perfectly normal for me but now i cant find songs, i can only use ones i have bought? why? it also started crashing on me? it was running perfectly before!


Its a good app, only thing is that I wish I could save my videos to my own photos so that I dont have to share them with the public when I dont want to.

Always loading

Good app but its always loading and pauses by it self sometimes


Its constantly crashing. I get a good 30 seconds then it crashes. Pls fix this


This is such a cool app, I love it. The only downside is that every time I try to record something the app crashes and I have re-record certain parts four or five times before it saves to my current project. Very annoying and hopefully will be fixed soon in an update. I want to make more videos but its such a chore

Ayeee bro

Havent even tried it yet

Crashing when adding a new part

Overall its a really good app, but when I try to add a new video to the other parts, it crashes immediately after I press the green check mark. Fixing this problem would make this app 5/5

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