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pretty neat

this app is actually amazing and easy to spend hours with but it gets so glitchy with my iPhone4): its very annoying pls look into this I can barely use it


Love this app so much! Its so easy to use and its amazing that its free!

Not supported???


Videos freeze after uploads

While making my videos I can watch & hear the preview but as soon as I upload them I can hear it but my videos become stills. Plz fix this asap because I actually had fun recording. Itll be a shame to delete the app

So fun

Very fun app easy to spend lots of time jamming, loop function would be nice although its probably hard to integrate perfectly

Its good but it always turns off my device and I cant hear my acapellas


So far so good. Should have option to autosave to camera roll though


This app is crazy fun!!!!...will keep you busy for hours upon hours

Acapella. What fun

Just messing around with Naomi on this. How fun looking forward to lots of fun with this

Excellent and fun

I just wish that when I watched other peoples videos they would load, other than that its a great app and Im addicted lol!

Fix for better rating...

I love the idea of the app, I really do! But if the first video I record ends up lagging right after I finish recording the second one, it not only wastes my time and force me to delete it, and that continues to frustrate me ._. If thats fixed, then this is a fantastic app!

Pretty good

Such a fun app, would totally recommend. Even if Im not singing, its still fun to act out little skits with. Only thing that annoys me is if it you dont have an account you cant save anything, and if you have an account it makes you post everything and takes forever to post and save. Overall, its a fun app.


This app is great I find it really fun and entertaining to make because you can test it out , for me there was no flaws, it was good, and u should definitely try this app out!

Lovin it!

This fun to use!!



Super fun and

This is a great app I think its my favourite!

Great and fun

Just for a musician this app is hours of fun XD and it goes way beyond just music. Magic and comedy. 5/5


Recently the app has been crashing when trying to add a background song, which has made it practically useless right now. :(


Super fun app, people! But I find that the more I re-record stuff within a project, the more likely that individual video tracks start getting out of sync for whatever reason, i.e. certain tracks play too fast. The sound, however, is synced up just fine.


It works great! Its easy to use and its very fun! Great job to all the creators who put a lot of hard work into the app!!!

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