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Needs update for crashes

Keeps crashing every freaking time I try to make a new recording. Very frustrating please fix

Love the app!! But....

Ok so this is by far the best a Capella app there is out there, no doubt about that. But every once in a while it randomly crashes. And also, sometimes for one or two of the little frame thingies in my video, in the middle of playback, the video slows down. Like the sound is perfectly fine, but the video is way off and it doesnt look like Im actually singing that part. This happens in almost all my videos. The crash problem Ivan usually be fixed by turning my device off and on again, but I cant fix the video problem. PLEASE fix the video slow down problem, it annoys me so much!!! But I am IN LOVE with this app, like legit, this app is my boyfriend ;) XD

Headphones are a must.

One of the issues that I dont really like is that you have to use headphones in order to get a good sound because it records from your speaker as well.

Cant Download

I cant download my covers ! . It takes forever to wait for the download and then it start over and over again!

Hate it.

This app is terrible and theres no way to save or upload your song.. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone. Not to mention constant headphone messages and download errors.

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