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The best app ever

Great app... I like it so much! Thanks


This is the best singing app I have ever downloaded!!

New version has bugs

The new update wont allow me to record a second part to an acapella video without exiting out of the app and restarting each time. Very buggy. Please fix immediately.

Great but...

I wish I could change the layout I use after I record something


Hi, there are several bugs which are starting to make difficult my use of the app. Sometimes it just shut down and so I have to reopen it. Also now and then it does not upload the song I selected on any at all, it kind of gets frozen for a while and then it keeps on functioning as if I did not have selected any song. And last but not least the app is really slow on cellular and wifi, and no, the problem are not my devices or services, Ive checked that besides other apps work just fine. So thank you for your attention and be aware I really enjoy using this app if possible take in consideration a way of uploading songs from Spotify apart from the ones on your device. Ausfer.

Stellar App

Not only can you record your audio and video, you can play with pitch and reverb and pan! Great app for any chorister out there, particularly of the barbershop variety :)

Great app

For singers who really like doing ACapella this app is aca- perfect!!

Very frustrating

The app works fine until you want to share your video or even just save it to your camera roll. It wont render any videos. Absolute garbage of an app.

Great for vocalist and collaborations

I love acapella. I wish there was a way to add an image.

super fun

love to do this when Im bored:)

Love it

This is a great app and does exactly what it says… Very fun and cool to use.


Timing is off. I find when recording vocals it records about a half second behind actual vocals when using headphones, which produces better quality sound. Its too bad baca use it has potential.

Awesome but timing gets off

This is an awesome app but the audio and visual get noticeably out of synch with longer recordings so that the first recordings that you make look to be a full second ahead of later ones while the sound is still in synch. Also, this app could be improved if you could work on more than one project at a time.


Its fun for people who love to harmonize. Its good to practice harmonizing!

Great freakin app

I dont usually write reviews, but this is fun!!!!!


Great for musical instruments!

Highly recommend

Literally the best tho. Ive really improved as a musician because of this app. Its so easy to put yourself out there, and you meet a lot of really creative, talented, hard working people. Definitely worth downloading.

Really Awesome App

This app is really cool.

One of the funnest apps ever!!

Tried Acappella today for the first time and I was super impressed!! I especially love that you can search for almost any song!!

I love this app!!! I use it for

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