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Easy, Fun and Highly Recommended

I dont usually right reviews, but this app has helped me make music videos using multiple instruments really easily. I highly recommend getting this app. Definitely worth it!

Why do you have to play for more time?

I really like this app, but I have one complaint. I do not like how you have to pay just to be able to have more time when recording/making the song that you are wanting to do. I dont know any song that I like that is under one minute most song that you like to sing are three to five minutes long, and I dont want to pay for that.


So far, Acapella has been working great for me. I bought the full version. But lately, the app has been constantly glitching. Whenever I finish recording a track, the timer stays at 0:00 and doesnt respond, and I have to end up shutting down the app. Its kind of disappointing since it was working pretty well before...Plus the app keeps stalling and shutting down by itself.

Paying for extra things

You have to pay for more than a minute and you only get 4 boxes. No bugs, love the collaborate update.


LOVE this app!! Its so fun and pretty easy to navigate!

Its aight

Yep p good


Its rare Id write a review for an app. That said, this one is exactly what I wanted and more. Anyone who sings or plays an instrument should download

Thanks for the updates

Much more enjoyable now that we can comment on each others works. Still some minor glitches in the editing department, but nothing that a little wit cant work around.

Getting better for real

Ok so awesome idea for an app and Im finally seeing some of my suggestions be implemented (comments, collab requests etc.) even though every one of my emails went unanswered. Also, I think its time you sell some advertising for your app, make it free and upgrade your servers. Stop waiting and make the jump man! Youre sitting on a gold mine of advertising dollars! Hit me up for business consulting advice.

Great on iPhone- not on iPad

Works perfectly on my iPhone. Video speeds up and skips on iPad, but audio works- so its completely out-of-sync. Looking forward to update and changing the rating to 5 stars.


when i first got this it was simple, easy to use. now its stupid confusing, and makes me so ANGRY, when i open it and think, oh maybe this time i can figure it out. STOP with the stupid "improvements"

Fun but needs improvement

The metronome is not loud enough its extremely hard to hear over the other tracks. I guess someone recording a pop song doesnt care but if trying to do a difficult classical piece its hard. Also, the gain is so high that every track is exactly the same volume no matter how soft or loud you play

So annoying

I was really looking forward to using this app, but every time I hit the check button indicating that I want to use what I have recorded it takes me off of the app!!!! Ugggggg so annoying

I love it !!!

It is an awesome way to collab your skills and talents !!


Very good to study vocal harmony! :)


I have a problem with the upload but actually its a nice app.


Great app! But a loop feature would really come in handy and make it even better!


It keeps glitching and will play at wrong times. It gets really annoying when I have to do it over and over and it still wont work!!

Almost there

LOVE the app, but it crashes often and when it does record, the audio is good but the video gets sticky (what you see doesnt match what you hear) if this is fixed, incredible app!

Auto tune?

I love this app but lil auto tuning and more variety of songs would be very helpful

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