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I used to be able to use the find music and use whatever song I wanted, but now I cant choose a song without having to buy it first.

Close to perfect

Well, maybe not perfect, but a fantastic app nonetheless. I wish I could comment on peoples creations and posts. There are some people I would love to collaborate with, but I have no way of contacting them. If there were a way to send a message to people, words of encouragement and support would not escape my text. I know how much memory A request like this must take, but Im just thinking out loud here. All in all, great app, and a great time.

Needs fixing

I keep making one and then when im almost done it crashes and i have to start all over again

Great Concept, Fix Bugs

Id love to give this app a 5 star rating, but its really been acting up lately. Half the time it will crash while Im recording, and other times it will not work at all and say "service currently unavailable" when I attempt to load my feed or my profile. Also, as much as I like the idea of not being able to comment, its impossible to get in touch with anyone privately to collab with. Itd be cool to see new development in that area in the future! I do love the concept of the app and the community is great! Just needs a fair amount of work in terms of user-friendliness and bug fixes :)

OMG I love it

This game is my favorite for music and I shall give it a 5

Lots of fun

Great app for harmonizing with yourself and friends. Only bad thing is when you save the video to upload on Facebook or Instagram, the video quality isnt that great. That would be awesome if it could be updated to make the quality better. Otherwise I love this app.

Constant crashing

This app has been wonderful and I wouldve given a five star if it wasnt for one fatal flaw: I tried to do a rendition of non-stop from Hamilton but the app immediately crashed. Restarted my phone and it wont change. I try to change the song but it crashed before I get to it... So I can no longer use the app. Please fix this, I miss it!!



Would be great but....

It wont upload/save or share videos!! I spent 2 hours making and getting just right

Wont save!

Spent ages tonight making a hilarious video. Now it wont upload, share, or link anywhere! I cant even get it to save to my camera roll. Huge let down.

It wont save!!

I would not even finish my video and it will go back to the home page so I deleted it I hate it so much if your the one who made this app you horrible it doesnt even work!!!!!

Does not work

Im using my iPad and it will not record at all please fix this


It has potential, yes, but its TERRIBLE software. No bugs have been fixed. It takes me HOURS to get a video just right. Thats because each video I do about 20 times before the app decides not to shut down an delete my work. Its very frustrating & makes me really consider deleting the app. But so far, theres nothing better on App Store. If anyone finds any, please let me know.

Please consider my comment:

A Cappella- Im aware since the recent version has come out that youve received mainly bad reviews. Trust me, Im not trying to add on to any complaints. But I do have some concerns. As I know this a very unique and amazing app with a great idea, I wouldnt like to hate on it. As a matter of fact I love the concept. But flaws have been occurring with my app that Im sure others have had issues with as well and I suggest you fix so I and others can enjoy the app more. When I would like to watch others videos, my app lags, causing the video to have issues loading, not show the whole video, making me pause and play multiple times for it to work, if it does. Making videos tends to be hard, although that may be partially my fault. The whole app tends to be laggy and if possible Id appreciate being able to listen to others voices and amazing ideas. Best regards.

Was good

Now it takes too long to save videos. Ive been trying for an hour now to save it on my camera roll. Come on fam

doesnt even work

it just freezes when I try to record a video

Its Broken!!!

Im making a 4 minute song with 4 parts. I put a lot of work into a part, & once it starts loading when I finish, IT CRASHED!! And guess what, IT DIDNT SAVE!! Fricking broken app!!!

Please look this over...

I love this app. I use it so many times for my flute and playing chords etc. etc. ALTHOUGH! It continues to crash and crash a lot. It has never done that at all but recently itll crash mid recording and I have to re-do everything. And thats really frustrating if I mastered a hard part on the flute and screwed it up when re doing it. Please fix this problem. Thank you!

Its not broken...

This app is actually really cool. But if you sound like crap...well that your fault lol. Its awake to see how you can create your own art though.

Keeps Crashing

I love this app however, it started crashing which is so not cool. It doesnt save my progress which is more infuriating. This is a great app but if this glitch keeps happening then Im going to have to disassociate myself with this app. Please fix this problem because this is a great app to do recordings on.

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