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Charlotte Markham

It was an amazing experience using this app, thank you!


This app is capable of achieving much more if we use it together <v> let’s jam...namaste world! Ig therealbyronbruce

Best App Ever!!

Can’t say enough about this app!! It’s easy to use, very versatile , and just a lot of fun. I’ve also connected with people from all over the US and across the globe that share the same tastes in singing and music as I do. Wish I had something like this years ago!🙂🙂


Okay so this app is great it’s like the only legit app of its kind and I love it for that. The only thing that annoys me about this app that majorly prevents a 5 star rating is the time limits. I HATE the preset time limits!! Like I said this is the only app of its kind so it’s the only app that could record multiple parts of a song with different takes. There are so many songs that I love that are over 3 minutes that I want to record full covers of! I get this is mostly for short versions of songs but it’s the only good app I can find that I can do multiple parts for (ie Non stop from Hamilton or even a simple duet song). I absolutely hate the fact that the custom time limit only goes to three minutes!! I wish it went to 10 or even 7 because that accounts for a lot more songs. I would use a different app for this if I could but I’m stuck with this app and its stupid time limit for the moment. Please change this for me because I really want to create full length covers with multiple parts and I don’t know how else to do so!!

The real app !!

This is the best app, this is real, great tool to record everything !!

it's good

the app is good but u need premium for almost everything


I have just used it once and am not too familiar with it yet, but I can see myself having a lot of fun with it.

Great app!

Great app! I’ve had it only a week or so. But is a TON of fun. I subscribed for the one year package. A great value, and a great app!


I play the French Horn, and usually iPhone recordings distort rather badly. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the app handles loud sounds. I highly recommend it!

Awesome App minus one thing

I'd give this app 5 stars if only it didn't take forever to load/post the songs and collaboration. Even on wifi connection, it takes too long. Doesn't stop me from using the app, just one annoying point.

I dig it

It's a cool app, works well, doesn't have as many glitches as before, so yeah.

Just fix it

Okay, I don’t have much to say, because I seriously cannot even get into the app! It just makes this stupid ... and it’s just frozen! I sat there for three hours trying to just get in the stupid app! It’s ridiculous really, it drives me crazy. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... what if that happens to you for three hours? Wouldn’t THAT drive you crazy?!

Only one issue

I love the app and all its features but I wish that the amount of time you record would be longer than one minute. If you pay monthly, you get more frames and up to ten minutes, but I would like to sing a whole song instead of just one minute of the song.

Doesn’t work

Literally every time i recorded, it plated the same recording 2 seconds back. So frustrated. Not worth your money


One thing, why make the premium monthly? please make it a one time payment

Great App, very fun!

It's a very fun app and I love it, but you have to pay for the VERY fancy stuff! Still love it, though! <3 :-)

Dont make me rate this app

This is a very good app but I hate all apps that force me to rate it...


Love this app but it changes my voice


I’ve always loved to sing , especially harmonies. Now I can with the help of this app. my only issue is that you must buy to have unlimited time to recorded. But as long as you have a video editing tool you can compile your videos :)

Amazing app!

When I first got this app, I was very confused with certain things like how to post a video and how to edit the sound, and it wasn’t very clear to me, but as I used it, it got better and better. I love this app now, and I can’t stop using it! I recommend it!


Works great on my iPhone, but there’s major latency going on whenever I try this on my iPad. Disappointed.

Love it

Just found all the features for audio editing and processing. Love it!

Joey Camarillo

Me encanta esta aplicacion, Si te Encanta la Musica como a mi Esta Aplicacion es Para Ti, 100% Recomendada👏🏻🔊🎶🎵📀🎺🎷🎤🎸🎼🎻🥁🎹💯👌🏻

These sharing options

You... you have to pay to share it on Facebook without an account... but you don’t in order to share it if you have one... What


This app is great and I love using it thank you!

It’s been exceptional up until recently

I love this app. I like being able to harmonize and build vocals with myself. My only problem and the biggest problem as of late would be the “input” feature, which allows me to hear my voice when I sing into the mic of my headphones. I love this feature as well, but it’s been giving me grief. There’s this indistinctive sound—it’s almost choppy. You can hear it clearly when you sing/talk. I don’t know when or why this came about or if anyone else is having the same issue, but I do hope they fix it. Until then, the one star stays, b/c w/o that feature I can’t effectively utilize the app.

One Critique

Personally, I love to sing. By myself, with other people, whenever I can. This app was actually recommended to me by a friend, and the idea of singing harmonies without getting together with a friend sounded so fun, hence I downloaded this app. I was happily surprised. I learned how everything worked in a couple of minutes; it’s so easy to use. I love that you become a part of a family. Everyone on the app has the same passion for music, and it’s fascinating to watch/listen to people’s talents. The only thing: I am disappointed in the fact that the longer recordings and other frames are part of a subscription. If anything, you should pay to have the app and have everything included. It is very worth it. Aside from that, this app is super fun and I highly recommend! 👍🏻✨

3 Stars. It’s pretty good

I still can’t quite figure out how to use it. I didn’t find out about this by myself actually. A YouTuber called Thatcherjoe made a video on this app and I fell in love with it. It’s really cool. I only gave it 3 stars because I find it a little confusing and lack-luster. Any otherwise it’s a good app if you love singing. 3 Stars!

glitches out.

whenever i try to record anything, it closes the app. i can never use it.

Boo to subscriptions!

I love this app. The free version is just enough to keep me hooked, however I would love to just pay a sum to get the premium version instead of spend money on a subscription! If you remove that, I’m sure the user base would grow exponentially.

Sound problem

I have been using this apps for a year now but not I have a sound problem! I cannot listen to what my friend send me, either I can hear my own voice when I sing. I don’t know hat going on. Other than that, this was a great apps

World uniter!

For anyone who loves to sing or play a musical instrument, this app is for you! I have learned to sing with a good group of people near my age (32) or thereabouts, and it's true that friendships can be made online. I would like to see a feature where singers can send personal messages to compile songs and singers together! This is NOT a dating site, so messages should be kept professionally! It's sure to be a great way to spend your evening or if you have a day off!


Awesome app!!!... Recomended 100%

Great app, great for harmony 👍🏽


Wow !!

It is a incredible app is something I always wanted but never found until I got Acapella. I love to sing and when there's a song that has too many voices I want to do all of them and I can't in the real life but in this app magically i can! And it's beautiful thank you so much 😍😍


Fun but you need to pay to sign everything and save but other than that it is so fun

A very special review

Obviously the most important app ever created, but did you realize it is the single greatest invention ever conceived of? If we didn’t have Acapella, we’d have no water on earth. If we didn’t have Acapella, there never would have been Glee. If some genius had never thought of Acapella, there would be no economy to speak of.

Not Bad At All

For anyone like me, just messing around. I can use my voice and create melodies, chords, and effectively become my own chorus! Haha. Great stuff. Thank you much.

Forced sharing

It seems like this app really forces you into using a link in order to share recorded content properly. When I had an Android it was very simple with the Acapella app I used. This makes it far too complicated.


a cappella is spelt like this

Acapella review

I love it! It's too fun

First time using it, it looks good!

The first time using it, I think this is a pretty good app for the one who loves music!

Excelente app

Lo que estaba esperando increíble *****

Now I can finally play all star





I used to use this app a lot now I can’t the first recording is fine but the second dosent sync with the first and I’m playing in time

Great app, overcharged for year subscription

I love this app and decided to upgrade to a year subscription, to record for longer periods of time and have more fun frames to play with. They advertise it as costing $24.99 for a year subscription, I was charged over $27– with no explanation of the higher price anywhere. Not in the fine print, not on the PayPal bill… I was wondering if it was some kind of scam or hidden fee. It didn’t feel good. That’s the only reason I took a star off. Maybe somebody from the Apple read this and explain to me…


Usually this thing works fine but now when I try to record a video the screen goes white and it says error.Just fix it please.

I wish there was an option for no borders!

This app is a great tool for recording multiple lines at once. However, I have a few issues with it: 1. You are forced to have a border- it would be great if I could record videos without a border separating them (basically just no lines in between them) 2. You can't trim videos from the beginning- you can only trim videos from the end, so if (for example) you have a harmony coming in later, you can't cut out the beginning section where you're waiting for your line to come in and you're just awkwardly looking at the camera 3. It can be super glitchy- especially when trimming videos It's still a great app, but if all of these things were fixed it would have a perfect 5 star rating!!

This is awesome...

Just tried this out and I love it. 👌🏻

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