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App molto bella, però in questi giorni non funziona bene. Esportando il video mi mette fuori tempo una registrazione che nel progetto è invece corretta.


Meravigliosa app!





Molto molto interessante

Offre lopportunità di sbizzarrirsi e creare nuove melodie!


Cercavo un app così da moolto tempo...spettacolare! E!!! WOW


Perfetta e funziona benissimo



App super!!!

App davvero molto bella e funzionale! Sarebbe comodo poter salvare direttamente i video nel rullino fotografico, senza doverli prima caricare nella community. Aggiungere un countdown, senza dover per forza tenere il metronomo sempre inserito e poter riprendere le proprie registrazioni da punti specifici, una sorta di "punch-in", sarebbe il massimo!


Cantare il tema di Star Wars con tutta la famiglia è uno spasso!


Molto divertente!!


Stupenda per chi ha la passione per il canto..!

Davvero ottima!

Unottima app facile da utilizzare per creare cover acapella di ogni brano! Complimenti!

Grandiosa !

App molto originale e ben fatta. Ununica domanda: è possibile registrare un determinato suono e riprodurlo continuamente senza doverlo ripetere a voce per tutto il brano ?


È bellissima e per chi ama cantare è il top!!! 5 stelle super meritate

Buona ma...

Se aggiungeste la possibilità di stoppare la registrazione a piacimento sarebbe perfetta


Non riesco a registrare i video,arrivavo fino a quando ti chiede del tempo massimo,poi non so come continuare,vi prego aiutatemi


I made an amazing video that I worked really hard on but it had such a bad muffled sound no one could hear me and it hurt my family’s ears really bad


I do not know how to cancel my subscription. It was flashed in my face in order to get me to subscribe but now that i want to cancel, i can’t find a button to press. This is ridiculous. I need help

3 Stars because...

...not too happy to pay for a monthly subscription. I’d rather just pay for the app in itself, upfront, and call it good. I also can’t get videos to play besides my own. I’ll sit on it for a few minutes to see if it plays, when I tap the video it tells me I just paused the video. Can’t figure that part out. It would also be nice to be able to work on a few projects at once instead of having to delete the ones you aren’t done with yet. Otherwise it’s a decent app that fills the needs I was looking for: no friends are musically inclined and I wanted something besides an audio track app to record duets and stuff on.

It’s a good app

It’s a good app


It took an hour to load then it reloaded even though we had great WiFi connection. Also you can’t get out of the sending area


Ey brah let me collab with Android people

Great App!

Great for practicing voice and harmony recommended 100%!

Lips are off with voice

.. my lips are off with my voice, I have an iPad Pro and I know it’s not my iPad that’s doing this.. please fix and ill rate 5 stars

Great until....

I love this app. And something horrible happened today. My profile won’t load. everything accept the part where u actually make the Acapella won’t load. But it’s useless because when I saved one I can’t see it on my profile because my profile just won’t load. I have so much fun with this app and I started to get better. Can someone please reply back and tell what to do? I tried refreshing it and it said there was an error trying to load your profile, please try again later. I already tried checking my wi-fi Restarting my phone, even logging in and logging back out of my profile and nothing has worked..please help. Thank you


This app is super fun and awesome it makes me the worlds worst singers sons good

I̤̮ l̤̮o̤̮v̤̮e̤̮ t̤̮h̤̮i̤̮s̤̮

A̤̮m̤̮a̤̮z̤̮i̤̮n̤̮g̤̮ q̤̮ṳ̮a̤̮l̤̮i̤̮t̤̮y̤̮! J̤̮k̤̮ ṳ̮ t̤̮h̤̮o̤̮ṳ̮g̤̮h̤̮t̤̮. I̤̮ h̤̮a̤̮t̤̮e̤̮ t̤̮h̤̮i̤̮s̤̮ a̤̮p̤̮p̤̮ s̤̮o̤̮ n̤̮o̤̮

Excellent Nutbuster

This app gets me so randy. I honestly beat off 69 times per day to it to completion every time. Very very great app. Would reccomend.


I saw this kid do a video on this singing yeah from usher so I decided to make some of my own

Very Cool app, But a complicated to understand

It’s pretty interesting with this app allows you to do and the feature seem pretty cool but I can’t figure out how to use them. I’m not saying they should take away complicated features, i’m saying if you make the features more simple to understand

I love it

I’ve always wanted to sing with others to harmonize , now I can doit myself lmaoo

It’s ok


Super !!!!

Este programa es un programa compentente y de mucha productividad Gracias por esta herramienta tan útil!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

So many problems

So first off i play Bass Trombone and theres no little trombone or bass trombone or Tuba icon so i had to use trumpet and put it in my bio what i played, second off, the beat system, im trying to record a piece that in 5/4 so im having to use 1/4, 3rd off even whilst im playing with the beat during recording, they dont start or match together properly, 4th why can i only record up to 1 minute before i have to pay for premium, so not worth it, 5th off i was playing a middle Db for 11 beats and after about 5 it just went almost completely mute.

Good app with misleading features.

The “add song” in the background feature just flat out doesn’t work. Every song is protected by DRM, so why even have it on there? Fix or remove the option.

Fun app

You can combine three sounds for free for a minute it’s really fun challenging but fun.


I pooped on my cat

I can’t use my actual birthday?

Overall the app is great, singing and everything. But when I sign in it won’t let me put November, it only lets me use the months above July

Can’t share

I love this app, but every time I try to download my work, it says “service currently unavailable.” It’s been doing this for over a year and I keep thinking it will be fixed. I’ve updated the app multiple times and this has never changed. Anyone else have this problem?

Pitch control problem

I enjoy this app. My only problem is when using the pitch tool, got some reason it slows down so that one video won't sync up with the rest.

Confusing but fun

This is really fun and stuff but it won’t let me post my stuff and it’s weird. I took so much time into my thing and when I press share it does nothing. The button disappears and it’s dumb and confusing I don’t get it

Accapella App Rocks!

For my band, the ability to collaborate and to share original songs back-and-forth has really cut our learning curve time in a big way. Whereas we used to have to sit down with the piano or guitar and show everyone how it goes, without the benefit of background vocals or harmonies, now we can load up the whole shebang and it sounds great on Acappella!

Not so effective

Even though I am on tempo, the second video always come a second earlier

I’m I the only one??

Ok I want to try this app so Bad and I see all these amazing reviews and no one is having the same trouble as I am. My problem Is that I make one slide for sound it works but when I add another layer I CANNOT hear it like at all. same for all the other layers. I googled this and I made sure my sound was on and everything. I see no helpful information. Can anybody help?


Melhor do que eu imaginava!!!


I want to use previous recorded videos for my edits but I don’t know how



5 stars

It’s gray even tho I have no idea what I’m doin I still have fun

Good game

Funny and addictive I liked it

Seemed fun, but not intuitive

I tried using for several months, and although I created videos and sent them to others to collaborate, they kept disappearing. I love the idea, but I’m giving up.


Mic on the app is heavily distorted, you have to purchase better quality w/in the app. Even then, it’s still staticky. Canceled my subscription months ago and they’re still trying charging me monthly. Even went online to cancel it, I still get notified that it’s charging me each month.

Poor timing

The app kept messing up my timing. Very irritating without premium

I’m in Love with this app

I don’t know about anybody else but this app is truly amazing I honestly wish it’s not just for IPhones people who have android are gifted as well I think it will be beneficial for you all as well.

it's good

the app is good but u need premium for almost everything

Island of the Misfit Musicians

Tired of “Facebook”? Looking for a place to go and post your talent instead of your every day mood, thoughts & opinions? If so, then Acapella is just right for you and everyone else. Acapella now only allows just anyone to bring life to their voices but also allows musicians to showcase their talents as well. The only thing about this App I would critique is the lack of community communication between users. Users have no choice but to communicate all questions or ideas through comments on posts instead of the option to message privately. Otherwise, a top notch App.


Hello- I love the Acapella app, but even though I used head phones, there is still a metronome sound playing through my song. I want to use the metronome to stay in time but not to show up during the end result. 1) how do I get rid of it? Also, when I tried sear searching for the answer in the app, there was no help button or instructions besides those yellow boxes when I first used the app. 2) where is the user manual? I really do love it bu it can’t show people my arrangements of songs with the metronome playing in the background. Also, I initially tried to send an email instead of doing it through a review but the server wasn’t available, as in the page directed me to a page that did not exist. 3) how can I send an email? Thank you.

Greed is starting to take hold here

I’ve been with this app for a long time now and and I can remember things for free , now I understand as technology Starts to take shape. And we get more control on tweaking are sound and the fun tolls that we get with app is wonderful .. but now we have the yearly subscription from 9$. To 24$ for the year Now we are in the 49$. I guess good thing will becoming to an end real soon . To bad .

Hunters Exeperience

I have made so many new friends, music colleagues and connections from around the world!! This app has broadened my creative skills in Acapella music and instrumental collaborations! Thanks to the creators, you all are amazing!!

Great app

Great app

This app rocks

I love this app! It’s user friendly, fun and free!!

I would like to post it to the app but you can’t do it😭

Hi, please add a place where you can upload your videos to the app.

Charlotte Markham

It was an amazing experience using this app, thank you!


This app is capable of achieving much more if we use it together <v> let’s jam...namaste world! Ig therealbyronbruce

Best App Ever!!

Can’t say enough about this app!! It’s easy to use, very versatile , and just a lot of fun. I’ve also connected with people from all over the US and across the globe that share the same tastes in singing and music as I do. Wish I had something like this years ago!🙂🙂

The real app !!

This is the best app, this is real, great tool to record everything !!


I have just used it once and am not too familiar with it yet, but I can see myself having a lot of fun with it.

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